Let yourself be pampered in our gorgeous boutique salon in the heart of Toorak in Hawksburn Village.  Our team of friendly and experienced stylists and makeup artists will work with you to find the perfect look– from hair colour and style to makeup for every day (and every night!) You’ll be pampered from the moment you walk in the door.

We specialise in old-world glamour, with big, bouncy, beautiful blow waves and hair colour that shimmers and shines. Our makeup artists will transform your look and teach you how to achieve the same look at home for yourself.

Whether you want a touch up on your existing hairstyle or colour, or a brand new look to wow your friends, we have a full range of hair and makeup services to bring a little glamour in to your life!

Our Services

Below are just a few of the hair and makeup services we offer– consultations are free and we would love to sit down with you to work out how we can help you achieve the look that you want.

Bouffant Delacroix offers haircut and style services for women, men and children as well as hair colouring and colour correction. We exclusively use Keratin Colour, which nourishes the hair while delivering a rich, long-lasting colour. Our colourists will work with you to come up with the perfect shade for your hair and we specialise in colour correction and balayage hair colour techniques.

Whether is a simple hair cut or full colour change and new style, our stylists will do a full consultation so they can meet and exceed your expectations. Choosing the right hairstyle and colour is made easier by a stylist team with over 15 years experience in getting it “just right”

Who has time to wash, dry and style their own hair? Let our talented team give you that big, beautiful, bouncy blow wave you deserve. We go above and beyond a normal “blowdry”—we pamper our clients and we mean pamper!

When you arrive at our salon for your weekly blowwave , you’ll be ushered through our luxurious Parisian-style boutique to our massage chair and basin (It is so comfortable you will feel like you are flying first class.!)

When it comes to the blow wave, any way you want to wear your hair, our stylists can achieve, whether it is silky straight, straight with volume and a kick at the ends. Our signature “Big Bouncy Blowwave” is also a favourite with new and returning clients alike.

Everyone loves to be a stand out at an event. And true to our reputation for creating “Hollywood glamour”, we can create breathtaking hair-up and event hair. We keep up with the latest trends and are masters at creating the most drop dead gorgeous styles from any style that inspires you.

We also go beyond the call to create stunning hair designs with hand-placed embellishments such as hand placed crystal diamantes, combs and more. We also offer a free service to our clients where we loan temporary hair extensions for your event to give you thicker or longer hair for a more dramatic look.

No matter what style you are looking for, from a classic French roll to the most extreme hair for costume events, we can create it.

Our makeup artists are trained in a huge range of makeup styles and techniques. We understand that everyone has different needs. It may be your first time having a professional apply your make up, so you might be comfortable with a very light and natural look.

Or you may be going out to that evening red carpet event where you are the star, so natural we are going to give you a face sculpted by angels and decorated by the devil, for that sultry smoky look. We also do a complete range of character, fantasy and draq queen make up–the sky is your limit. Let our makeup artists take the reins and create some of the most astonishing jaw dropping effects you have ever seen.

And in true to our boutique style, we finish our make up with a complimentary set of eyelashes. With a puff of powder and a lick of gloss, you will be whisked away into the night with a fabulous face created at Bouffant.